Foxes Jumping on a Trampoline… LOL

24 Nov

Aaaand OMG! I totally forgot about writing a Thanksgiving post! Oops :/

Well anyways I had an awesome Thanksgiving! There was the usual, turkey (duh!), pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, pistachio baklava… well maybe not completely the usual but it was good anyways :P. My grandparents came as well as a few family friends, and we all had a great time. The desserts this year were ESPECIALLY amazing… pumpkin pie (like I said before) apple pie- which was amazingly delicious especially with vanilla bean Haagen Dazs ice cream. YUM. But the best part was the chocolate sauce. My grandma made it and it was SPECTACULAR! I poured it over everything, including the pumpkin pie which was surprisingly delicious… Creamy spiced pumpkin filling with rich dark chocolate sauce… Mmmmm…


What did you guys do this Thanksgiving? Feel free to comment 🙂 HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


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