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Baby Bird

20 Feb

I decided to post stories about my “encounters” with animals, so here is my first one (I know I’m not a great writer, but bear with me).

Last summer my friend and I (lets just say her name was Rachel) were walking back to my house from, well, I forget… but we were walking home, and I saw this little pink thing down by the corner of the road. As I walked over to see what it was, I saw it had a little beak, and was moving around and breathing. Thank goodness Rachel’s house was right nearby, so she got a box to put it in. I picked it (we now knew it was a bird) up with a piece of grass, and took it back to my house.

We kept it under a light, and put a towel in there so that we could keep it warm. Rachel looked through the phone book for animal control, and bird rescue places, while I researched on what to feed a baby bird. Most of the websites I found said to feed it either dry dog food mashed up with water, or mashed up berries. The dog food I had was extremely hard and stale, because we switched our dogs to a raw diet (they’re doing really well now), so I looked in the fridge and found some raspberries, which I mashed up in a small plastic bag. To get the raspberries into the bird’s mouth, I used a blade of grass, and poked the bird’s mouth with it, so that it opened. I used the same blade of grass to get a bit of the raspberry mush, with a seed, into the bird’s mouth. The seed got stuck a bit in the bird’s throat, and I freaked out. I thought I had killed the bird. But, the bird eventually swallowed it, and I now knew, only to feed it the mushy part and the juice, not the seeds. Even by the time all that was settled, Rachel couldn’t find any place that would pick up, (did I mention it was a Sunday?) so we had to resort to calling the vet. After being on hold for a short while, and listening to elevator music and commercials (like, ten minutes), someone FINALLY picked up. We told her everything that happened, and they told us that they don’t take care of wild animals there, but they had a number for a bird rescue place, but they needed to find it. After a few more minutes of elevator music, the person picked up again, and gave us the number for this place in MILLINGTON NJ! It was called The Raptor Trust. Anyways, after telling the person everything, he told us the only thing we could do was drive there.

After a really long time, we got there and he took the bird. It’s actually a pretty cool place, because they keep some birds captive that have been injured and can’t survive in the wild. They had a red-tailed hawk, a raven, and a ton of other birds- even a bald eagle (which was HUGE). They also had these brochure-y things which gave information about birds, and how to help one if they were injured, and/or fell out of a tree (that would have been helpful). All in all, it was an exciting experience, and I hope the baby bird is strong and healthy, and back in the wild (P.S.- the guy there thought it was a sparrow).


Some information (from the brochure) on how to help an injured bird, and how to prevent injuring birds

  • Look for nests before cutting trees and shrubs
  • If there is a nest near your home, try keeping away from it, and watching your cat if it’s outside. Also discourage the birds from building nests in dangerous places.
  • Pick up litter
  • Use alternatives to Chemical Pest Control and Lawn Care
  • Disarm windows and glass doors (put feathers, or bird stickers on them so that they don’t fly into them
  • Lower Outdoor nets (soccer nets, volleyball nets)
  • Screen the top of your chimney
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