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8 Jun

OMG I found this at my house and I LOVE it. IT IS AMAZING!

Its overly expensive water in a disposable spray can.

(Don’t worry- its not the kind thats bad for the environment)


Its really called evian Facial Spray

(No I did NOT forget the capital e. The company name uses a LOWERCASE e.)

THE REASON IM WRITING ABOUT THIS: I found the website that sells it! YAY! Its called http://www.evian.com/#/en_US/56-Facial-Spray

Anyone who has seen me today knows I have been ranting about it and I’m just gonna let it all out here.


I’m sorry. Trust Me- I am NOT as crazy as you think… I’m even MORE crazy 🙂

The one that I have looks like this:

I wonder if other companies make it… maybe Poland Spring??? Aquafina??? I’ll check and update it if they do 😀

UPDATE!!!: There is another one!!! Its called Arolla Face and Body Spray. AND BODY! Although considering it’s just water you can probably also spray the evian stuff on your body too… I tried drinking it (the evian stuff not the arolla stuff) and I haven’t died… yet. Anyways here is what it looks like:

I think the only difference is the evian water comes from france, and the arolla water comes from… Swissland? Oh right- Sweden… I think…. Correct me in comments if I’m wrong 🙂

———-> I couldn’t find any overpriced water mist can things but if you know of any, as usual, post them in comments 😀

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